QC Junetopia

QC Junetopia

QC Junetopia

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Month: May 2017

Junetopia is in Store for Quad Cities Festival Seekers

By Melanie Hanson

Utopia (noun) : a place, such as a town or city-state, in which everything is perfect; generally considered either fictional or temporary.

Such is the origin of the name Junetopia, a 3-day Quad Cities event that no one will want to miss. In its third year, it was originally conceived as a one-time celebration of the area arts communities. Now, the festival is rapidly becoming a cornerstone among local musicians, comedians, artists, crafters, filmmakers, and performers of all kinds.

Currently billed as an annual community-strengthening event, Junetopia continues to function in the spirit of its namesake– thanks to the folks at Utopiugly Productions. Working with Safe Harbor Records and Promotions, they’ve booked dozens of bands that are distinctly local and regional. The festival continues to feature local artists in locally-owned venues selling locally-produced goods. All profits will be split evenly between the Humility of Mary Shelter, Humility of Mary Housing, Kings Harvest Ministries, and the Kings Harvest Pet Rescue No-Kill Shelter.

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